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Johnston K9 Dog Training Nottingham



Are you ready for a puppy?


Pre-puppy workshops are designed for people who have not owned a dog before.


Our trainers will take you through everything they do with their own new puppies and explain to you how dogs think and learn.


They will explain the traits of your chosen breed and how you can use them to your advantage in order to better train your puppy.


We can even help you to find the right pup for your family when you go to choose a puppy.


Johnston K9 pre-puppy workshops are held in your own home in order to better tailor our information to your own personal needs whilst delivering it to the whole family. feel free to ask as many questions as you want.


Once you have your puppy Johnston K9 offers group training to socialise  your puppy in whilst teaching it the basic puppy skills. 


Our Puppy classes cater for all breeds abilities and ages up 1 year old. Each course is 8 weeks long, and we recommend starting as soon as your puppy is safe to go outside.


Utilising a variety of balanced training methods and a range of training environments we will help you build and maintain an excellent relationship with your dog and acquire a detailed and extensive foundation of knowledge to aid you throughout your dog's life.

Throughout each of the courses our trainers will take you through everything they do with their own puppies as they progress through the first year of their life, in order to produce the well-trained dogs that we all want.

With each course building on the information and skills achieved in the courses before we are able help you step by step through the most important part of your dog's life.


For further details or to request an enrolment form please contact: ​


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