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Johnston K9 Dog Training Nottingham

Prices start from £310.00 each 8-week course delivers 12 hours of personal 1:1 tuition.

Places are very limited, and at times we operate a waiting list operated on a first come first served basis.

With only 2 places per course we run, please book early to avoid disappointment.

To reserve a place and a trainer please contact us via or call us on 07950 987259



The Problem Pooch Program runs alongside our day-to-day courses: however, these are 1:1 assisted courses designed by us solely for those people who have: Unruly - ill mannered-  Anti- Social or Dog Aggressive Dogs.


These classes will put you back in control of your dog by showing you how to tackle different situations. You and your dog will work in a controlled environment utilizing basic utilizing basic Obedience Training to attain a safe level of control.


Once a safe level of control has been achieved your tutor will step back and you can continue your training alone to further the bond between you and your dog as well as develop, improve and maintain a new high - level  control.


Teamed up with your own trainer you will receive 1:1  tuition within a classroom environment.


Your trainer is there, by your side ready to step in an help should the need arise, demonstrate the things you don't understand and answer and answer all your questions providing assistance for you along each step of the way.


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