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Johnston K9 solely reserves 1:1 Training for specialist training. Typically, it is used to aid students in to being able to attend our Problem Pooch Course.


Dogs with serve people Aggression Problems or Dog Aggression Problems will start here with an aim to progressing on to the problem Pooch Course at a later date and then general classes at some point in the future.


However the title Specialist training covers a vast array of topics, including but not exclusively listed below.


  • Environmental issues - Your Dog has a specific problem only displayed in certain environments. 

  • Specialist Competitive Instruction - Assisting Handlers and their dogs prior to competitions. 

  • Personal Security  Dog Training. 

  • Personal Assistance Dog Training.

  • Environment Skills - Home or work based skills you require your dog to do.

  • Plus, much, much more. 

Johnston K9 offers 1-1 training to suit you. Just give our trainers a call to arrange an initial assessment and we can make a plan from there. Prices start from £65 per hour. 

For Further Information or to book an assessment please contact: or Call 07950 987259

Johnston K9 Dog Training Nottingham



You may require us to come and assess your dog issues, your skills as a handler or your property for dog related issues.


An assessment normally takes between 1 & 2hrs and will leave you with an answer to the question you wanted us to assess along with - where necessary a few exercises to do in order for us to help your further.


Johnston K9 is also available to the corporate world to provide and delivery independent tests and assessments designed to put your Dogs and their Handlers through their paces.


We will then produce highly detailed report highlighting your dog Sections strengths, weakness and areas of improvements. 


For Further information or Book an assessment please contact or Call 07950 987259 

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