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I am a second- generation dog trainer, son of Maureen Thompson, International Ringcraft Judge, British Obedience Trails Judge, Top European Breeder, and Kennel Club Examiner. 

I have spent all of my childhood and most of my working life training dogs and choose the active working route rather than that of competition.


As a Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme Examiner and the youngest trainer in the history of the Midland Doberman Club I pride myself on never giving up on a dog or its handler.


In my youth I was a strong competitor in many disciplines and understand what it takes to help you achieve all that you desire in your chosen sport.


Thus, not only will I do my best to teach you and your dog the skills require but but also seek to give you the confidence and encouragement you need to keep you going until you get there. 

Over 20 years ago I decided to take our family dog training club and turn it into the profession, and highly acclaimed service it is today, producing some of the best trained dogs around today.


Corporately I have sourced had supplied part trained and green (potential but no prior training) dogs to organisations around the world, from as far away as the form Royal Hong Kong Police Force to our very own HM Prison Service.


I enjoy the challenge of helping an unruly dog but its that warm feeling inside that I get watching a problem free dog and their handler leave to spend the rest of their lives having fun that keeps me going.


Dogs have always been in my life and I spent my lifetime thus far observing them, learning from them and working with them.


It would be my pleasure to share that with you. I hope to meet you, and your dog, very soon. 



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