Johnston K9 Dog Training Nottingham

Johnston K9 offers residential training to both professional and domestic customers.


Residential training provides your dog with 56 hours of personalised, intensive tuition with its own handler and trainer together with 8 hours 1 to 1 tuition with you and the trainer and 3 hours follow up lessons in your own environment to ensure a smooth unhindered transition back into your home or business.


During its fortnight's residency your dog will live under our watchful eye and be cared for by our handlers. Each day your dog will have 4 hours of training with a specialist trainer and further time playing and bonding with his/her handler. We aim to promote the atmosphere of an Adventure Play Group for your dog, a safe but stimulating environment that they will enjoy.

The training plan for your dog will be agreed with you prior to your dog's residency and may including a range of skills and sports depending on your objectives and your dog's needs.


You will have chance to meet your dog’s Handler and chat with the Trainer that will be involved in teaching your dog your desired skills.


During the fortnight's residency at Johnston K9 you will visit your dog for four 2 hour, 1 to 1 training sessions in order for the trainer to teach you the skills required to handle your dog and practise them in a controlled environment.


Please contact us for further details.