Jamie is one of the newer members of the Johnston K9 training team having joined us in 2015.


With a lifelong love of animals, Jamie has an A Level in animal care and is currently the owner of 4 gorgeous dogs; Siberian Husky Gizmo (pictured - white face, sandy body), black Welsh Collie Gracie, grey Scottish Collie Pebbles and newest addition Siberian Husky rescue Shadow (pictured - black & white with black goggles). Jamie describes himself as the luckiest man in the world owning his dogs and given half a chance (it has come close!) he would have even more.


Jamie is committed to positive training and his talent and passion was spotted by Johnston K9 Head Trainer Gareth, while he was training his own dogs with us. His dogs Gizmo and Gracie have achieved their KCGCDS Gold and Pebbles and Shadow are due to take their Gold tests soon.  



Jamie says “I love every moment of being a trainer. It’s a privilege to meet new owners, hear their stories and help them have the best home possible with their canine companion. I also love working with a great bunch of trainers who all enjoy what they do and pass on knowledge to each other”.



Jamie's main aim for the future is to compete with Gracie in Agility or Fly Ball competitions but not to reach the top, just to see her do what she loves and have an incredible time.




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